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Frequently Asked Questions

(For Buyers)

Do I require a visa?

All visitors to DESTINATION EAST must have a passport that is valid for at least six months after the planned departure date from India. All visitors are requiring India visas from Indian Embassy or Consulate in your place / city or to take on arrival visa on the time of arrival at the airport. Please check the details about visa requirements on Immigration Department's website.

Do I need to book an airport transfer?

DESTINATION EAST will arrange airport transfers to coincide with the arrival times of our guests. Once you have completed your registration, we will arrange all the desire services for you accordingly. We will send you the arrival and hotel details closer to the program time.

Is there internet access in the rooms?

All the guest rooms are equipped with internet access / Wi - Fi Facility in Kolkata and there is an extra charge for using internet access. During the FAM trips you might not be getting the Wi - Fi facility in the hotel rooms.

Can you advise with regards to business language?

English is the main language of communication for the DESTINATION EAST. We recommend that you have on hand collaterals in the language of your focus country. You may even wish to print double-sided business cards: one side with non-English language dependent upon focus markets.

Which type of collateral should I bring?

We highly recommend that you bring specific travel trade print. This should include your website address and additional information on booking mechanisms. For destinations, this could include contact details of your ground handlers able to service follow-up enquiries and you should direct the client to your partner ground handlers working along side you during Destination East. You should bring adequate number of copies of your literature/brochures at the venue for buyers and Media. Please read on for more information on how to send your brochures to the event venue in advance.

I understand that media will be present at Destination East. Can you recommend how I can best utilize their presence?

There will be a number of trade and consumer media attending Destination East from other countries. Please ensure you bring a Press Release(s) with you, a company profile and a list of FAQ's. Also remember to bring along some business cards for the PR contact at your company if this is not yourself, so that the journalists may follow up with the correct contact within your organization if necessary. You will have the option to select appointments with the media during the workshop. For more specific enquiries with regards Media, please contact Ms Anuradha Chakrabarti – You will be given further information with regard to media preparation during the event registration.

What is the dress code for Destination East?

B2B Workshop - The dress code for the B2B workshop will be business dress.

How many buyers will I see?

Your appointments will be organized in slots - a system which has to meet two basic requirements - to make sure that suppliers meet the right buyers (and vice versa) and to provide sufficient time for constructive discussions. These are likely to be almost entirely filled up with appointments for suppliers, although not for buyers. If however you find that you require more time with certain suppliers/buyers or you would like to meet with suppliers/buyers that you have not managed to make an appointment with, you may wish to make appointments outside of the scheduled meetings e.g. during lunches or our informal half-hour networking sessions at the end of the day.

When will I receive my appointment schedule for the workshop?

Appointment scheduling is a very time-consuming and complex process, involving careful matching of both buyer and supplier needs. Once buyer and supplier preferences have been matched, media preferences are also taken into consideration and these appointments are then manually added to individual schedules. Given the complexity of this process, it is unlikely that individual schedules will be sent out to partners before the event. Please be assured that where you have selected particular companies to meet with, we will be doing our very best to include these in your schedule. In the unlikely event that you have not received an appointment with a preferred buyer/supplier/media, you may use the 30 min post-workshop networking time to meet with them, or you may arrange to meet during lunch / evening events.

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